Prices and Offerings (Updated!)

Updated July 1, 2020

Call or text for reservations: 801-362-7238


Canoes and Adult-Size Paddleboards and Kayaks

  • $10 / Hour
  • $35 / Day (4+ hours)

Youth-Size Paddleboards and Kayaks

  • $10 / Hour
  • $25 / Day (4+ hours)

Pedal Boats

Sunslider Pedalboat — Seats 5.
  • $20 / Hour
  • $60 / Day (4+ hours)

Prices above represent pick-up from our location in Manila.

We can deliver to various locations around Flaming Gorge for an additional fee.

  • State Line Cove — $20
  • Swim Beach — $20
  • Sheep Creek Bay — $20
  • Sunny Cove — $40
  • Antelope Flats — $40
  • Call for other delivery options

Group Rates Available

We have trailers we can deliver with a combination of paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes you can rent for your family, church, or club gathering. Prices start at $250.

A new view of Sheep Creek

Family in a nook in the rock on the ridge between the landfill and Sheep Creek.

We recently rode our bikes out to the ridge on the north side of Sheep Creek in the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. We found the unique view of Sheep Creek breathtaking and the landscape full of fun weathered rock formations. We decided to bring the kids back a couple of days later to explore more.

View of the mouth of Sheep Creek Bay.
Map showing Highway 44 from Manila down to Sheep Creek Bay.
The circled area is the subject area of this post.